They are known for their extreme feelings – some things they love but others they really really don’t. Here is a lighthearted look at 10 things toddlers hate.

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Getting in the bath

Ah bath time – that soothing time of the day to wind down before bed … except when your toddler throws a wobbly and refuses to get into the tub. ‘Don’t want it … don’t like it

Then getting out again

… and then once they have been coaxed into the bath they have such fun splashing about that they don’t want to get out again. How often have you had to pull the plug and wait until they are sitting in no water whatsoever before they will get back out again?

Putting their shoes on

Shoes. Such simple things and a practical necessity for going out and about. BUT they are also the cause of many a toddler stand-off. They don’t want to put them on. Or when they have to they insist they can do it themselves and get them on the wrong feet. They LOVE trying on your shoes though and have an almost obsessive love of wellies.

Putting hats on

Sun hats, bobble hats … whether you’re trying to keep out the cold or the sun’s rays you’re fighting a losing battle. Even if you can get them on your toddler’s head they quickly pull it off again and chuck it on the floor. We’ve been known to have similar battles with coats and mittens too.


Even when your toddler is clearly exhausted they hate the thought of going to sleep – at least without a fight. There’s just too much to do and see and they might miss out on some fun. They’ll do anything to insist they are NOT SLEEPY (whilst yawning and drooping and crying with exhaustion).

Keeping their clothes on

Clothes – silly constricting things (at least in a toddler’s mind). Whenever possible they peel them off, nappies and all if given half a chance and have a mad hour boogying and hurtling about as free as the wind.

Green things ...

Ah – toddler meal times. You spend hours cooking a delicious and nutritious meal and they spit it out and say it has bits in it. They scrum down lasgane one day and proclaim it to be yummy and their favorite food EVER then when you cook it the next time they look at you like you’re insane and refuse to let a morsel pass their lips.

Keeping still

Face it, toddlers have only just discovered how to walk, dance, jump and boogie. Why on earth would they want to sit still for longer than – say – a couple of minutes? Even when they have to and are strapped in to a buggy or car seat they wriggle and fiddle. The time is right to move and keep on moving. At one speed – fast!

Hair wash time

Hair wash time. If the neighbors are listening in they may well assume you are torturing your poor child by the screams and protestations they hear. ‘No more tears’ shampoo it says on the bottle – hell – there were tears before it got anywhere near a hair on their head. And then you’ve got to – gasp – comb it …

Being cleaned up

Admit it, if a large hand with a baby wipe (or, god forbid, spat-on hanky) loomed towards your face you’d shrink away and yell too. What is it with grown ups and dirt?


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