Bath time is an essential part of any child’s routine. While some kids just love splashing away, others are more hesitant. And of course, since kids are kids, they may love washing up one night, and hate it the next. We have rounded up some tips, tricks, and gear for making your next bath night one to remember!

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Washing the hair of a toddler or even an older child is not an easy task. There are usually tears and crying, and the child isn’t too happy either. Forget about the cups and silly visors when you can install (for a little money and a little manpower), a hand-held sprayer attachment to your shower head. Makes washing and rinsing hair a breeze, if you can get your child to hold his head back, which takes us to tip number two. Not only is it fun for little kids, but it’s easy to install and features colorful characters that will surely entertain kids in the tub easing their fear of rinsing.


Whichever method you use for washing your child’s hair, it will only work if your child tips his head back, unless he’s one of the few who loves getting his face wet! Try distraction. Talk to him constantly and animatedly, while gently leaning his head back. Talk about anything that will hold his attention; like describing what you did that day, what your plans are for tomorrow, how big trucks are, or summarizing the latest Daniel Tiger episode. You can also try holding his favorite toy up above his head so he’ll look at it (usually works best if you’re tag teaming bath time). And work fast — any method you try is bound to only last a few seconds!


These simple things really do make a huge difference in the comfort level you experience while hunched over the tub being drenched from head to toe. Try one out and your knees will thank us!


Let your little Picasso develop his talent on the bathtub walls, not the bedroom walls. These crayons and paint will wash right off when your art session is over!


What child doesn’t love bubbles? Bring in the bubble solution from the garage and blow away. Even better, give your child a straw and let him blow bubbles in the bath water. Just make sure he doesn’t drink the water. Yuck!


Take a pool noodle (or two or five) and cut it in slices. Toss in the tub and you have a DIY “ball pit” for the bath. Extra bonus points for you, Mom, because you can sneak in some educational fun by encouraging your child to match colors, practice stacking and counting, etc.


If your child has a sibling within an appropriate age range, throw both of them into the tub and let them entertain each other. Or throw on a bikini and hop in with your child. They will think it’s the silliest thing!


A table for the tub. Ingenious! Tubby Table gives your child a flat surface to play on that won’t move or shift, due to the suction cups that hold it to the tub floor. It’s adjustable in height, so tiny tots and bigger kids can both enjoy. It helps develop fine motor, cognitive, and developmental skills. Educational AND fun!


We’ve all seen it. You sneak a glance inside those squirty bath toys, and they are covered in mold. Any toys that have those little holes in the bottom are bound to get moldy really quickly. Take a hot glue gun and glue the holes shut. It will take away the fun of squirting water, but at least you’ll prevent mold buildup. Better yet, stay away from buying bath toys with holes and crevices that mold can creep into.


A childhood staple. Go ahead, make those Santa beards and mohawks.
For an extra special treat, color your bubbles! Pour liquid watercolors in small spray bottles and let your kids make a fun bubbly rainbow.

Here’s to hoping your next bath is fun, clean, and tear-free. And if not, there’s always tomorrow night!


10 Tips: Bath Time Fun for Everyone

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