At some point in time, after the birth of your child, you will have to look for a good nursery setting due to different factors. The factors could be getting back to work or preparing your child for the big school or making your child independent, at the same time as beginning to acquire life skills.  Choosing a nursery or kindergarten is one of the most important decisions a parent will have to make. It means being particular and asking a lot of questions. In this article, we’ll be discussing about a good nursery setting and the signs to look out for when you visit.

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It is always recommended that you start searching for nurseries several months before you want your child to start. You can start by searching the nurseries near your area, if you type in “nursery near me”, Google will show you lots of results. You should visit a few nurseries prior to making any decision, this will increase the chance of finding a good nursery that meets your and your child’s needs. Whether you’re looking for a day care, pre-school, pre-nursery, nursery or FS1 and FS2 setting for your child; Little Pandas Early Learning Centre is an all-inclusive environment where you will find children of different age groups from 2 months to 5+ years.

Use this guide to spot the signs to look out for when you visit a nursery in person:

  • All nurseries are registered and inspected regularly by the appropriate authority. Early Learning Centre’s in Dubai are registered with KHDA. Always ensure that the setting you’re visiting is registered with KHDA and the certificate should be displayed together with a current certificate of insurance. Little Pandas Early Learning Centre is approved and regulated by the KHDA.
  • Ask for recommendations. Positive recommendations from other parents may be enough to convince you that a particular nursery is the right one. You can also ask the nursery staff for parent testimonials.  Little Pandas has a 5 star rating from parents that have used the setting.
  • Is the nursery bright, friendly atmosphere, and has a welcoming and nurturing environment?
  • Do they have well established policies related to child care from opening to closing time?  Ask to see nursery policies.
  • Is the nursery flexible in terms of different pick up and drop off timing?  At Little Pandas we offer a number of different sessions that are sure to suit any requirement.
  • A good nursery should have an open-door policy, where parents are allowed to drop in unannounced.
  • Is there a safe and clean outside play area or the spacious indoor area?
  • Do the children in the nursery look happy and well occupied?
  • Are the staff happy, relaxed, well presented, calm and confident?
  • Activities should be designed according to the age groups that will encourage your child’s social, creative, communication, and listening skills.
  • Does the nursery have a wide range of age-appropriate and culturally diverse toys and books?
  • Children’s security should not be compromised. No one should enter the premises without a valid reason.
  • All the building including floors, corridors, walls and kitchen must be spotless and clean.
  • Toys and other play equipment should be clean and in a good condition.
  • A good nursery must have a well-designed curriculum that simulates your child’s development and makes daily life more fun. Mostly people search for EYFS based nurseries or British curriculum schools in Dubai.

If you want your child to be in a nursery for a few hours or a full day, keep in mind the above guidelines. You probably want to select the best possible place to which to entrust your child. Give us a call today on 043446371 or visit for more information.

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