Multi-lingual means being able to speak two or more than two languages. There are countless benefits of being multi-lingual for children. Having a strong foundation in your native language helps children to read the second (or the third) language, enhancing their literacy abilities and fluency to speak. It is recommended to start teaching children different languages from an early age; because children are able to mimic sounds, so they are able to sound like a native speaker of the language. Whereas, for adults, this could be difficult to achieve.

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At Little Pandas ELC, we teach English but have integrated Arabic and French lessons as part of the daily curriculum. This helps children to develop emotional, social, cognitive and communication skills. The following are some benefits of language acquisition:

  • Multi-lingual children easily adapt other people’s perspectives and are able to make more effective communication and social experiences as compared to mono-lingual children.
  • It improves memory. Multi-lingual children score higher in memory tests and also perform better at school as compared to those who use only one language. Improved memory helps in improving cognitive and social skills.
  • To learn a new language is always easy for multi-linguals.
  • Being multi-lingual gives you the ability to see the world with a different perspective. Multi-linguals are use to constant change and are less effected by environmental changes.
  • Those who are multi-lingual tend to become better multitaskers because of their ability to switch languages.
  • Being multi-lingual helps in exercising the brain and keeps it from degenerating. It helps maintaining good health by delaying different diseases.
  • Being multi-lingual will increase the variety of career opportunities for children in later years.

At Little Pandas ELC, our children enjoy grasping the sounds and making sense of new words in different languages.

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