Partnership with Parents

The first teacher in the life of a child is their parent’s. The parents know the child like no other person ever can. They understand the body language, the baby talk and the first broken attempts that their child makes at getting themselves understood. We know, therefore, that it is vital that all our staff maintain close personal links with parents. To facilitate this, Little Pandas nursery / day care / child care:

  • Maintain a home/nursery contact book for all children
  • Keep regular written reports of your child’s activities and share these with you.
  • Invite you to parent’s evenings.
  • Lend you books to read at home with your child.
  • Provide you and your child with a gentle introduction to nursery and pre-school. Suggesting that you stay with your child until they are happily settled.
  • Send home children’s paintings and work
  • Provide you access to your child’s Learning Journey Portfolio

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  • A morning snack
  • A lunch box
  • A water bottle
  • An afternoon snack (if your child stays for the extended day)
  • Spare nappies
  • Change of clothes for the time of year – including vest, shirt, trousers and socks
  • Sun cream/sun hats
  • Any special creams that need administering

We are keen that children feel safe and happy in the absence of their parents / carers and to develop positive relationships with their key person and other adults in their room. Therefore, the stage of “settling – in” is critical.

Each child will be offered two settling-in sessions free of charge. You should be prepared to stay for the duration of these sessions. It is important to note that every child is different in the how they settle in and this will be discussed with you personally.

We have a structured format that we would like to talk you through on this first settling-in session. This includes asking you to read through our Policies & Procedures.

Potty Training

We recommend potty training children around the age of two, but we also recognise children that are capable of doing this before, as well as children that need extra time. We will work closely with parents throughout potty training, and we ask parents to provide nappies, wipes/cotton wool, creams and an appropriate change of clothes in case of accidents.

Health, Illness & Emergencies

In case of serious illness or accident, the parents or their emergency contact person will be contacted immediately, along with a medical professional, and the appropriate action taken, including transportation to hospital if necessary. All accidents will be recorded. Parents must inform the head of the nursery if their child has any known medical condition, health problems, allergy, or has been in contact with infectious diseases. Children must not attend the nursery if unwell. Please note that the staff cannot accept attendance of children who are suffering from certain, mainly infectious illnesses e.g. Conjunctivitis. The nursery is not allowed to exercise discretion and must follow the guidelines on exclusion periods provided by the Dubai Health Authority.

Policies, Procedures, Suggestions & Complaints

All Little Pandas ELC policies and procedures are readily available for you to review at any time. Please ask a senior member of staff on duty. All suggestions and complaints are to be referred to the head of nursery. Complaints will be sympathetically heard and discussed and will be acted upon if the head of nursery feels they are warranted and possible within the scope of the operation of the nursery.