Parent Testimonials

Anita Grillo

I feel so lucky to have found this gem of a nursery for my daughter. I was reluctant to send her at the tender age of 9 months, but honestly it was the best decision of my life. My daughter is thriving in a nurturing and loving environment. Being a full time mother in a demanding job, I have peace of mind that my daughter is in a safe haven where she is learning through play. I get to take a sneak peak of what she's up to through the app which makes me feel involved. Any worries that I had as a first time mother melted away quickly when I saw the individual care my daughter was receiving. Expecting baby girl number 2 soon! So Little Pandas will continue to be part of our growing family. A heartfelt thank you...

Btm Pkr

Little pandas is another home where little ones can find second parents.They do care a lot to little ones with proper learning activities. Most importantly, parents are keep updated every moments through the apps they have which are so great to know what your child is being taught or doing throughout the school time.
We 100% recommend this nursery to all the parents who is looking for better place for the little ones.

Thank you little pandas team and really appreciate the cares you have done to my son.

Salma Bennaiem

We were so worried about our 7 months old settling in as it was his first time ever being not only in a nursery, but without his parents really, but Miss Salma and Miss Emily helped us a lot.
We wanted his first experience to be in a loving, caring and homely environment, where he receive professional care and feel safe. We found all these qualities at Little Pandas Early Learning Center.
Thank you for your kindness and care with our baby and with all children.

Tamar Kafrakian

Highly recommended. My daughter joined in April 2017, and excited to go everyday as they have a lot of activities. She developed all her skills. They have a flexible timing suitable for working mums.

Zeinab Shaikh

My first experience with the nursery from the first day teachers were so kind and understanding till today. Love the way they take care of the children and keep eye on them for each and everything. The nursery is clean and I get update for each day with photos from the app. My daughter was very antisocial before but now Alhamdulillah she’s very confident and started socializing.

Special thanks to the headmaster Miss Salma who is very helpful and kind and miss Aun and Emily the favorite teachers of my daughter Israa.

Highly recommend this nursery.

Sarah Hill

My daughter adores the staff at Little Pandas and enjoys the range of activities on offer. I know that she is safe and happy whilst in the care of the amazing staff there who treat her as their own. Thank you Little Pandas for making being a working Mum so much easier knowing that my little girl is having fun yet being truly looked after.

Ahlam Reves

If you are looking for a place to feel that your child is always safe & secured, learning a lot through play way method, & gaining confidence, then your destination is "Little Pandas ELC". I'm really satisfied! It has been one year since my son joined & he has developed in so many positive ways. He is more confident, balanced & social. I have to say that Mrs. Salma & her staff has put great efforts in the development of each & every child individually. Happy to know them & will be missing them. Hats off to Little Pandas & their commitments.

Chris Fraser

We enrolled our two young children (now aged 7 and 3) to Little Pandas when they reached two years old and both really loved their time at the nursery.
Our children got to learn and grow in many ways, and they made many friends from very different backgrounds and cultures.
Sending very young children to a nursery is a big step for many working parents, but we always felt very reassured that our children were in the best place for development in terms of social skills and learning.
The teachers and staff under Miss Salma were always fully engaged with our children, and this is extremely reassuring for working parents.
We always felt that our children were in very capable hands and I would always recommend Little Pandas to any family.

Abubakr Khan

My child was very successful in this nursery and learned to talk as well as walk. If anyone needs a nursery at a good price, check out Little Pandas ELC. As well as the price the children are well looked after and have a fun environment. I will always remember Little Pandas as it was a huge advantage in our small family. Thank you for making my child what he is now.

Nivin Niwaihy

I have my both kids with them for the last five years, academically, they maintain excellent standards. This is over and above their strong safety policy, variety on activities, very friendly staff and teachers, timing flexibly and reasonable fees. Strongly recommended.. 👍

Florent Chaffotte

Friendly atmosphere and good educational support, our daughter is always very happy to go to the nursery and learns a lot there. The team knows the kids and communication with them is very easy.

Prashant Bhatia

Family atmosphere and good educational Support. They have variety of activities and also very supportive and friendly staff and teachers. Strongly recommended.. 👍

Veronica Edward

We've just moved to Dubai recently and have been looking for the best nursery for our little boys of 1 and 2 years. Little Pandas ELC is just around our corner and they have proven to be more than just a day care centre. My boys come home happy and excited every day. I especially love the energy of the Principal, Ms Salma, which is passed down to all her teachers. I see the teachers happy and excited when greeting each and every child by name. I see lots of hugs and kisses, which is so important, if you ask me. I know what happens with my children, how much they have eaten and the activities of the day. Their Facebook pages have tons of photos which me and my family enjoy tremendously. I know my children are well taken care of and every day I am thankful we found Little Pandas.

Monika Bernasiewicz

We moved to Dubai in 2015 December and since then our son was with Little Pandas, he was 14 months there.
Since then till now he did enormous progress, became secure and self-confident. We are really Happy with Little Pandas, the staff as well as the owner of the nursery have a knowledge of each and every child and it’s character and needs, nursery itself feels like a big family. There is a great outdoor space and classrooms are big.
Great job Little Pandas and big thank you for excellent care of our little one!

Safa Al Khayat

Thank you Little Pandas for being more than an ELC.. You have a well educated staff and everything is monitored.. When I came for the first time I was afraid how can I keep 4 months baby alone. But then I realized that he has now another family and he is so happy with them. I really recommend Little Pandas to everyone looking for a place for their child.. ❤️❤️

Mariyam Khan

A belated but heart felt thank you to every one at Little Pandas ELC. Myra had an excellent time at the nursery. Her learning and confidence soared while she was there - these are assets that she will always carry with her through out her life.
As a parent, the sort of trust and faith I was given is hard to find elsewhere. Myra was only 10 months old when she started attending Little Pandas and as she is my first baby; I naturally found it very tough to let go. However, with the support of Miss Cherry and Miss Rehna and the encouragement of Miss Salma I was successful in sending Myra for five days a week eventually. Everyone at the nursery has been a huge part of Myra's learning. The atmosphere was open and encouraged learning in every activity that was conducted. I absolutely loved that the nursery is a small operation and the teacher to child ratio very low thereby giving the child a lot of one-on-one attention - this is extremely rare in most other nurseries where the child to teacher ratio is normally about 4:1. My child was allowed to grow under the perfect balance of instruction and independence and that has made her confident and extremely sure of herself - qualities that I feel are imperative for kids today. For all of this and more which I cannot express in words; thank you Little Pandas... I wish there was at least a single operation like yours here in AD... We miss you a lot.

Must Watch (Local Guide)

Only nice, but its little small but have cheap price.

Marmar Awad

Thank you Little Pandas for being so supportive and close to us. You are more than an Early Learning Centre, you have shown high expertise in identifying my son's educational and skills development requirements and worked well on improving them. We have clearly seen this development day by day and this would not have happened without the close supervision of Dr Salma and the patience and kindness of her teachers especially Miss Kathy who has taken a good care of him during the final year.

Veena Mulani

My son was very reluctant to leave his comfort nest but with the help of Miss Gemma and Miss Salma he was able to adjust very quickly. Miss Salma was even kind enough to meet with me several times to discuss how we can make it even more comfortable for him. At the end, my baby would wake up excited to go to nursery and really enjoyed showing off everything that he was learning. I thank Little Pandas for making my son's first out-of-home experience a special one.

Hareem Rehman

Little pandas ELC is a small unassuming nursery with a great location. It has a homely and warm feel and is a classic old school Dubai nursery. Primarily down to a very engaged and active principal Dr Salma. We have a high comfort level and blind faith that our child is getting one on one attention consistently in a structured way. He has been going to Little Pandas for the last 2 years and the staff has been extremely cooperative and supportive in every way. One of the best things is the constant daily/weekly feedback that we receive on everything from behavioral patterns to learning milestones to interesting anecdotes. The nursery and the staff are approachable pleasant and have developed a strong bond with my son and truly care for him. Intimate and cosy over flashy..... Little Pandas is a discerning choice for parents that value a safe and conducive learning environment where they will see their child flourish and grow up to be happy, independent, curious and well rounded individuals.

Sadaf Fahad

Its been four months since my son is going to little pandas nursery. He settled down very quickly and since than the learning process begins, he has learned a lot up till now. Especially counting in French and Arabic.
I am so happy with his learning process and the way teachers give extra attention. Not to forget Miss Salma, she also involves herself in everything.
Thanks a lot Little Pandas ELC.

Marwa H Hassan

I highly recommend this nursery. My baby has been there since he was only 5 months. They are very professional, gives you all baby daily updates hour by hour from feeding to development. Very hygiene and extremely friendly and supportive as a working mother they fully support me as he stays there from 8 am to 6 pm and we are more than happy to have him there.

Lucyna Pires

Very warm and friendly teachers and assistants. My son likes to go there and he has made friends there. Positive thoughts.

Noha Mustafa

Thank you Little Pandas for being a second home for my baby. I could not recommend you enough. I am a very picky person in general. And after lots of searches to find the optimal solution for me and my daughter as a working mom, I finally found you... 
My daughter just loves her teachers; Miss Emily and Miss Hazel. Thank you for the love, care and education you are giving to her. She will literally throw herself to hug them once I drop her in the morning. And all the staff as well are very kind and accommodating. Thank you Miss Sajitha and Miss Jude as well for taking care of my daughter.
And special thanks to Mrs Salma for that mother friendly facility and for her mom oriented management.

Reves Sys

Thank you for taking much care of my baby boy! Happy to know you & will definitely miss you! 

Hoda Labib

Excellent staff! Babies, Toddlers and Childern are well looked after.

Safa Al Khayat

Thank you Little Pandas for being more than an ELC.. You have a well educated staff and everything is monitored.. When I came for the first time I was afraid how can I keep 4 months baby alone. But then I realized that he has now another family and he is so happy with them. I really recommend Little Pandas to everyone looking for a place for their child.. ❤️❤️