Blossoming Butterflies

We take toddlers into the Blossoming Butterflies room at the age of 1 year and they are with us until they turn 2. This room is set-up to cater for the very specific needs of your toddlers.

The Environment:

In this room everything is floor based to enable those who are not yet walking ample opportunity to engage in all of the learning dimensions of the Early Years Foundation Stage. Our furniture is also measured to fit the height of the children enabling correct posture and seating positions when engaged in more focused activities as they grow.

We will make this first transition away from home easy for you and your infant. Our setting in period is designed to suit your needs as well as those of your toddler. We will support you by listening to your concerns and guide you through, what can be a time of great anxiety and guilt. Your child will have a designated key-worker who will communicate with you daily at pick-up and drop-off times, to share with you your toddlers day.