Eager Elephants FS1

FS-1 (Pre-KG) is an important time for children as they begin building a stronger sense of their own identity and their place in a wider world. We promote children to be their own thinkers in an organized atmosphere as children are learning to recognize the importance of social rules and customs, to show understanding and tolerance of others.

The Environment

When you visit the Eager Elephants room you will find it colorfully stimulating and attractive. Your child’s love for learning is an innate attribute as is being praised and achieving. The walls of the FS-1 (Pre-KG) room are therefore decorated with displays of the children’s work, giving them a sense of belonging and ownership. All resources are at the children’s height within easy reach so that the children are able to explore and handle as they desire. At Little Pandas Early Learning Centre the Early Years Foundation Stage (from birth to 6) incorporates all those aspects of learning that are necessary for your child’s development.