Laughing Lions

Our Laughing Lions room offers a perfect introduction to the Centre. It is a bright, cheerful and stimulating environment which enables babies to follow their own development. The Baby Room is specifically designed to cater for very young babies and is tailored to their needs, with sleeping facilities incorporated into the room to allow babies to continue their sleep and wake cycles comfortably.

The babies love exploring the range of ‘treasure baskets’ provided, containing household items, metals, wooden objects or colors, and enjoy relaxing in intricate corners. The room’s soft area has a book corner along with plenty of toys and activity mats for the children to enjoy,the soft matted areas that allow messy play and an opportunity to develop creativity. The other part of the room, with a washable floor, is where both feeding and messy play activities take place.

We also encourage the continuity of breastfeeding.  Mummies can come into the room and feed their babies at their convenience.

We have a successful settling-in policy and try to follow parents’ lead whenever possible to ensure that each baby adapts well to ELC life. We provide parents with comprehensive information via our Communication Diary system as well as lots of opportunity for discussion both at drop off and pick up time. Our Baby Room can accommodate six babies with 3 members of staff.

Our staff are chosen, not only on their experience and qualifications but also on their friendly and caring disposition which our children enjoy and parents appreciate. Our Laughing Lions are our youngest children in the setting joining us at 2 months and staying in this room until they are 12 months old.