Today we are sharing some short Ramadan poems for kids for the holy month of Ramadan. Make your kids learn these poems. Rather than singing other poems and songs, let them recall ALLAH with these poems.


Ramadan Is Here At Last
It Is The Month In Which We Fast.
At Its End We Celebrate Eid
By Giving Charity To Those In Need!

In The Name Of Allah

We Seek Allah’s Protection
From Shaitan Evil Mind;
And Begin With The Name Of Allah
Most Merciful, Most Kind!

Allah Is Great

Allah Is Great This I Know,
For The Quran Tells Me So;
All Of Us To Him Belong,
We Are Weak But He Is Strong.

Muhammad (Peace be upon him)

Peace be upon him, Abdullah’s son,
From Allah’s enemies he did not run
Of all the Prophets he was the last,
Islam his message which we hold fast


A precious gift from Allah to you,
Don’t waste it, he knows what you do
Don’t chase pleasure or forget Allah,
No matter how little, say “Alhamdulillah”


That which the Muslims call Iman,
Is in the heart of the believing man
Will come from his lip and hand,
Love for Allah pouring out like sand

A is for ALLAH

A is for ALLAH  
Lord of the Universe, who is One,
He made the earth, stars, and sun
He made angels to worship and pray,
He made man from a dab of clay


The fourth pillar of Islam
Is fasting which we do
Once a year in Ramadan
To make us stronger too
Right from when the day begins
We start to fast you see
And when the sun has set completely
That’s when we can eat
Ramadan is such a great time!
More Quran we read
And Allah gives us more rewards!
For doing each good deed
The gates of Paradise are opened
During Ramadan!
It’s a time when Muslims try
To strengthen their Imaan
Look forward then to Ramadan
For one month it will last
And Allah will give huge rewards
For every single fast!

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