Testimonial 8

A belated but heart felt thank you to every one at Little Pandas ELC. Myra had an excellent time at the nursery. Her learning and confidence soared while she was there – these are assets that she will always carry with her through out her life.
As a parent, the sort of trust and faith I was given is hard to find elsewhere. Myra was only 10 months old when she started attending Little Pandas and as she is my first baby; I naturally found it very tough to let go. However, with the support of Miss Cherry and Miss Rehna and the encouragement of Miss Salma I was successful in sending Myra for five days a week eventually. Everyone at the nursery has been a huge part of Myra’s learning. The atmosphere was open and encouraged learning in every activity that was conducted. I absolutely loved that the nursery is a small operation and the teacher to child ratio very low thereby giving the child a lot of one-on-one attention – this is extremely rare in most other nurseries where the child to teacher ratio is normally about 4:1. My child was allowed to grow under the perfect balance of instruction and independence and that has made her confident and extremely sure of herself – qualities that I feel are imperative for kids today. For all of this and more which I cannot express in words; thank you Little Pandas… I wish there was at least a single operation like yours here in AD… We miss you a lot.

Mariyam Khan