The first five years of your child’s life are consistent of many building blocks that form the foundations of their lives. Registering your child in an Early Learning Centre during these years has a long-term impact on social and cognitive development. There is much research that shows children who attend quality Early Learning Centers perform better in formal educational settings than those who have not had this opportunity. Early Learning Centers are instrumental in providing tools to help children succeed for the future. We’ll be focusing on The benefits of Early Learning Centers in Dubai in this article. The following are some of the important benefits that your child will gain should he/she attend an Early Learning Centre.

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Early Learning Centers in Dubai:

* Are registered with the KHDA and follow an approved learning curriculum.

* Promotes emotional, behavioral and intellectual development.

* Offers a structured environment at the same time as making learning fun. An environment where your child can make friends and play with others. Providing structure doesn’t mean a regimented environment rather a framework of organized spaces that promotes socializing and learning among children.

* Has a small personal environment that nurtures a child’s innate ability to confidently develop independence.

* Promotes language, math, reading and cognitive skills.

* Prepares children for the formal educational environment at the age of 5+ years whereby self-esteem and levels of confidence are brimming over ready for the next challenge.

* Encourages a child’s curiosity. The activities are designed using the child’s own interest and ideas that help in nurturing a child’s curiosity.

* Teaches respect. Children get to learn respecting not only people and belongings but also the environment. Everything is shared plus manners are taught and learnt organically.

* Promotes teamwork. The activities in Early Learning Centers are mostly based on teamwork that help children learn how to work in a team at an early age, which will ultimately make them socially attuned.

* Helps children to be confident. The positive interaction with the teachers and other children helps them to face situations and problems confidently.

A few years back parents in Dubai feared that if they were to leave their child at an Early Learning Centre for an extra year after FS1 they would not find a place in school post FS2. However with the addition of many new schools parents are spoilt for choice. The educational landscape has changed and continues to allowing parents the option of making the right choices for their child. If your child is finishing nursery this year, check out an Early Learning Centre near you before visiting the schools!

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