Would a rose smell as sweet if it were called anything but a rose? Probably, and it would have just as many benefits. Rosewater is filled with incredible powers and the best part is, it is readily available. Rose water has been used in cooking, natural healing,  and especially skincare and holy ceremonies for thousands of centuries.  It was first discovered by polymath Avicenna in ancient Persia in the 10th Century! It is still widely used in the Middle East for cooking, and it has a great holy connotation attached to it from many different religions. However, one great benefit of rose water is its wonderful anti-aging and soothing qualities, which make it an ideal source for skincare.

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How is Rosewater Made?

The process of making rose water is a lengthy and difficult one, (even though there are simple variations all over the net to make it at home) it takes months from the beginning to the end of the process.  Rose water is distilled from the Damascus Rose, during the months of May and June. Once the roses have been picked from the fields, washed, and each petal plucked and crushed, it is then steam distilled. The distillation is a very detailed process that is still done traditionally in large copper or metal canisters. The by-product from the steaming is then referred to as rose water (the oil left over is used in perfumes).

The benefits of Rosewater

Referred to as the Queen amongst essential oils, rose water is healing, moisturizing and uplifting. In aromatherapy it is believed to open the heart chakra, and create a feeling of being loved, hence it’s use in marriage ceremonies in India to welcome guests. We love that rose water is combative against aging and soothes irritated skin; you simply spray some on to feel the benefits. The following are some additional benefits of rose water:

  • In aromatherapy the scent is used to give the person a sense of being loved.
  • It contains high concentrations of vitamin C, helping to brighten your complexion.
  • It contains a cocktail of vitamins so it is the perfect anti-oxidant.
  • Rose water can be used as a toner to balance the pH of your skin, yet it doesn’t contain any alcohol.
  • It is calming and soothing, so it is the perfect remedy for stressed out or irritated skin (Do you have a sunburn or an allergy to something? Spray some rose water or dab some on your face preferably with fingers rather than a cotton pad.)
  • It has been said that rose water sprayed over a baby’s crib will have them sleep better, as it will calm them down.
  • It counteracts the fatiguing effects of cell phones and computers by restoring the integrity of your electromagnetic field.
  • It can be used as eye drops.
  • Rose water is absolutely 100% safe to ingest as it is used for cooking in many Middle Eastern food dishes.

Certain beauty companies know a thing or two about the benefits of rose water and include this ingredient in their products, while others base their whole line on it.


The Benefits of Rosewater

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