For many women, bonding with their babies is an instant, organic result of all that encompasses motherhood. Whether it be your simple caress that calms your loved one in an instant or the habitual lullaby you hum during late night nursing sessions, your bond is a steadfast security that envelops your child in their ever changing world. Some dads might find this bond intimidating in situations where you are the daily caretaker, and baby seems particularly partial to you at times. The following tips can help ensure that your husband’s bond with your baby becomes just as strong as yours, and baby gets a complete balance from both of you.

Ways to Encourage Dad and Baby Bonding

Establish Routine

It doesn’t matter to your baby whether Dad is home for 8 hours a day or 2; what matters is that he is a consistent part of baby’s routine.

When Dad gets home from work, he can:
  • Read a book to baby while you cook dinner
  • Participate in a post-dinner walk as a family
  • If he doesn’t get home in time for dinner, he can give baby a bath and get him ready for bed each night while you enjoy some alone time.
Your baby will look forward to and learn to rely on these daily routines with Dad just as he does with his daily routines with you.

Switch Roles

If baby will only fall asleep while being rocked by you, have Dad give it a try one night. Stay close by, perhaps even snuggling on the couch with the two of them so that baby feels the security of your presence, while getting used to Dad’s soothing embrace. This will not only give you a break, but it will provide quality family time.

Keep Connected

Sending texts, pictures and short videos to Dad throughout the day during the work week will help him feel more connected to the intimate details of baby’s day-to-day routine. If he has to go on a business trip, organize a time to Skype as a family each night he is away.

Utilize Weekend Time

Setting aside one day each week for Dad and baby to spend the majority of their time alone together is a great way to strengthen their bond. Life is hectic. It may not be easy to establish a consistent routine in the beginning. The most important thing to remember is that your baby will respond to quality over quantity. The quality of the time Dad spends with baby will reflect the quality of bond he has with him.


Ways To Encourage Dad And Baby Bonding

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