At some point in time, you will decide to send your little one to nursery for whatever reason. Starting nursery is the beginning of a new and exciting stage in your child’s life and can be enormously beneficial for children and their parents. However, at the same time, it can be anxious too as it’s the end of an era, when you’ve been at your child’s side every moment from the second they were born.

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It can be hard for first-time parents to watch their child disappearing into a room full of potential strangers. After starting nursery, you become much more concerned and worried for your little one.

  • What if he cries inconsolably when you leave him?
  • How is she going to cope without you?
  • What if the other children are not accomodating?
  • What if your child’s Key worker doesn’t remember to give him his pacifier at nap time?
  • What if she cries and nobody cuddles her? And so on…

All of these anxieties are completely normal, being a parent you’ll always worry for your children when they’re away. At Little Pandas ELC, we are meticulous about the smallest details, making sure that the transfer of information from you to us is recorded taking into account the intricate details that only you have known about your child, up to know. It is attention to this detail that will make your child’s transition to us a smooth one, in turn making the process of your child starting nursery an easy one for you too.

Sometimes, you may notice a little alteration in your baby’s routine during nursery hours proves to be better. “Don’t let her take a nap during the day, as she slept peacefully last night without any effort”, said the mother of 2.5 year old, when she skipped her nap time one day.

It’s natural to feel guilty initially about leaving your child in the hands of someone else while you go off to work, however a nursery is so much more than a convenient childcare resource, you will find if your child is registered with us we at Little Pandas ELC are your child’s second family, working with you to ensure that all the milestones of the early years are met together and celebrated.

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